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Aquafest Children’s Parade

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Published on Mon, May 24, 2010 by BY SUE FERNALID | CONTRIBUTING WRITER

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This is the year to be part of the Children’s Parade during Aquafest weekend. 
All children who are pre-registered will be guaranteed a sun visor celebrating the 5oth year of Aquafest.
I took over the duties of the chairman in 2006 after moving to Lake Stevens to be closer to my family. 
I attended a Fall Aquafest meeting and they were looking for volunteers to help during the festival. 
The Children’s Parade chair was vacant and I thought what a good way to get involved in the community since I had a two year old grandson. 

Now I have two grandsons living in the Lake Stevens’ area and they are excited again for the parade and the weekend of activities. 

This is a good time for more parents and grandparents to get involved in a fun and short event.
To register or find out more visit

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