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 By Kylee Zabel, Reporter    News    March 18, 2013

Washington’s ‘death penalty’: justice or revenge? Legislature tackles divisive issue; conclusion elusive

Is Washington State’s death penalty for capital crimes justice or revenge? HB 1504, heard before the Judiciary Committee March 6, would eliminate the death penalty in this state and replace it with lifetime incarceration. The bill will not...

 By Kylee Zabel, Reporter    News    March 18, 2013

Senate approves wolf-control bill; rejects amendments defining limits

Senate Democrats attempted to limit the scope of a bill that would allow Washington State property owners to kill a wolf threatening owners’ livestock or pets by offering amendments during floor debate March 8. The legislation passed 25 to 23...

 By Kylee Zabel, Reporter Wnpa Olympia News Bureau    News    March 1, 2013

State's high court rules unconstitutional two-thirds-vote requirement Decision relates to 2010 initiative targeting tax increases

Sen. Pam Roach (R-Auburn) urged voters to “look out for [their] pocketbooks” after the state Supreme Court declared a two-thirds-vote to raise taxes unconstitutional in a 6-3 ruling released Feb. 28. The court's determination was made...

 By Kylee Zabel, Reporter Wnpa Olympia News Bureau    News    March 1, 2013

Motor vehicle excise tax resurrected to fund localized transportation projects

More taxes to sustain existing benefits are the financial crutch being considered by the Legislature to support public transportation entities in two Western Washington counties: King and Snohomish. The House Transportation Committee Feb. 25 heard te...

 By Kylee Zabel, Reporter Wnpa Olympia News Bureau    News    February 28, 2013

Growth Management Act legislation would allow small counties to ‘opt out’

Among a slew of legislative proposals introduced this session focusing on Washington’s Growth Management Act (GMA), two, which would allow counties with smaller populations to opt out of full planning under the act, were approved by committees...

 By Kylee Zabel    News    February 26, 2013

Teens may get vote-registration privilege

Executive action was taken on a bill that would allow teens 16 and 17 to preregister to vote while applying for their driver’s licenses at the Department of Licensing. The legislation passed out of committee on a 6-5 vote. House Bill 1279,...

 By Kylee Zabel    News    February 25, 2013

Senate Democrats launch income tax proposal to replace state property tax, reduce sales tax

Senate Coalition-Majority Leader Rodney Tom (D-48th District, Bellevue) chastised Democrat members for playing politics and not taking the will of Washingtonians seriously by introducing five fiscal reform bills before the Senate Ways and Means...

 By Kylee Zabel    News    February 25, 2013

Wolf-control bills pass out of Senate committee

Senate Natural Resources and Parks Committee last week approved two bills that would reduce the restraints on landowners and county legislative authorities from lethally removing a wolf posing an immediate threat to livestock and/or domestic...