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Elle Marie Hair Studio Stylists Become Redken Certified Haircolorists

Published on Thu, Feb 2, 2012 by Jody Bossert, Elle Marie Hair Studio

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January, 2012, Bothell, WA – Lorry Green, Brittani Pruett and Hollie Leach recently excelled into an elite group of Redken Certified Haircolorists, who provide top notch service and guarantee exceptional haircolor results for their clients.  There's a certain level of acclaim associated with being a Redken Certified Haircolorist, and members of this leading group are recognized for their color expertise and commitment to excellence.
“Consumers in Mill Creek and Lake Stevens, WA now have access to leading haircolorists with the latest information on haircolor products, trends, and techniques,” explains Christine Schuster, Senior Vice President of Education for Redken.  “When consumers book their color service with a Redken Certified Haircolorist, they can rest assured they will receive the highest quality results and service.”
Consumers also have the advantage of virtually “getting to know” a Redken Certified Haircolorist before they schedule an appointment!’s salon finder features Redken Certified Haircolorist profiles including salon information, picture, biographical information, photos of their work, and answers to fun questions.
The three travelled to Los Angeles last October for testing and anxiously waited until January for the results. “To prepare for this testing I took a four day course called ‘Color and Know Why’ at the Redken Exchange in New York,” explains Salon Owner, Green. “This course laid the foundation for the entire Redken haircolor system along with a clear understanding of the laws of color, color wheel, level system, and hair composition among many other attributes. I followed that up with another five day course to become a Redken Master Specialist which provided me the tools to stay updated on the latest trends, techniques and products. Beyond that, preparations included numerous sleepless nights of studying and many hours of practicing color applications on my mannequin head in my kitchen. Along with being a Redken Master Specialist, being a Certified Haircolorist will provide me with many opportunities to advance and grow as a successful stylist in our industry. The certification sets me apart from other stylists as I am able to provide exceptional technical skills to my guests while I am behind the chair. In addition, I now possess the proper foundation of knowledge to effectively educate my staff at Elle Marie Hair Studio. Being a Certified Redken Haircolorist also makes me a good candidate to join the Redken Artist team where I will learn how to effectively pass on my knowledge to other growing hair stylists.”
Consumers looking for fresh, high quality color can call Leach in Mill Creek at (425) 402-1900 and Pruett in Lake Stevens at (425) 397-8883 to make an appointment. Green is also available for appointments at both locations.  For more information on Redken, please visit  Please note, Redken products can only be guaranteed authentic when purchased from a salon.  We request that you do not credit drugstores, “beauty websites” or other unauthorized retailers.