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Community needs to help keep Frontier Village alive

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Published on Tue, Jun 30, 2009 by BY PAM STEVENS | EDITOR

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Frontier Village has seen better days since it’s inception into the Lake Stevens community.
Businesses there have thrived over the years and it has become a hub of sorts with offerings from groceries, sporting goods and pet supplies to DVDs and several types of food.
Slowly, Frontier Village is becoming a ghost town of sorts. With the closing of Craft Star followed quickly by Joe’s Sporting Goods and now Bridge’s Pets, business owners in the Frontier Village Shopping Center are crossing their fingers that theirs won’t be the next doors to close for good.
Shakera Habib, the Optical Manager at Sears Optical has been in Frontier Village for 14 years and has never seen things this bad.
Tom and Sue at Quality Image Gallery have seen a loss of almost 35 percent.
Tenants of the Village have met with their property manager to see what kind of help he can give them and many of the tenants are pooling their creative juices to come up with ideas to bring customers to their shops.
Now it’s our turn to help.
It’s true that many of us have had to cut back on what we spend and how we spend it but if we don’t step up and help out those businesses in the Village, two things could happen and neither one of them are positive to the community.
First, their doors could close for good taking with them their unique and specialized services along with the friendly faces that we all know.
The second thing that can happen is that these businesses will have to move away from Lake Stevens where rent may be a little cheaper or their customer base a little bigger.
If this happens, not only do we lose their tax base but we also have to drive further to get the services we need.
While times are tough for many of our local residents, things will only get tougher if we don’t step up and help those business owners, not only inside of Frontier Village, but all over Lake Stevens.
These businesses have been there when we needed them, it would be a shame to lose them now.

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