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Health care reform or health care rip-off

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Published on Mon, Aug 3, 2009 by BY PAM STEVENS | EDITOR

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It seems that all that is coming out of Washington D.C. these days is talk of health care reform. Frankly, it’s getting tiresome.

Does Congress really know what they’re talking about when it comes to health care? A recent Gallup Poll says no. In fact, the poll states that almost 48 percent of Americans believe that they understand health care issues better than Congress. Only 27 percent of those polled think Congress understands what they’re talking about.
One of the biggest issues with letting Congress decide what is best for every American when it comes to health care, is that they have already exempted themselves from having to be a part of the government plan they, themselves are voting on.

Why are we allowing members of Congress to make health care decisions for us when they don’t have to worry about how those decisions will affect them or their families?

Another factor to keep in mind is that even some unions have been exempted from having to take part in government run health care.

Let’s face it, health care needs to be reformed but why does it have to be done right this second?
What did one Congressman say? Something like it should take more time to reform health care than it did to choose a dog to live in the White House. Great point!

While many use Massachusetts as an example of government controlled health care, it’s not working that well there. Many small companies have had to close their doors or lay people off because they simply can’t afford the taxes that go along with their system.

As someone who works for a small company, it is scary to think of what it might do to not only this small business but thousands of others across the country. How many of us will still be in business in a couple of years.
Some analysts have said that if health care, or ObamaCare as they are calling it, passes as he wants it to, Americans will be paying more than Sweden does in taxes.

Right now, one-third of those receiving government healthcare, are illegal aliens.
We hear cries from Washington that millions of Americans are without health care and yet we are paying health care costs for those who don’t have citizenship in this country.

I’m sure that if we thought we could go to Canada and receive “free” health care, many of us would sneak over the border to do so.

Has anyone ever looked at making health care a non-profit industry? Look at credits. Greed has not taken them down as it has banks in this country. Maybe pulling health care companies off of the NYSE and running them as non-profits would help lower claim denials and the lining of pockets of corporate executives. Just a thought.
Don’t fool yourself into thinking that only the wealthy will pay for health care reform, everyone will feel it in lower wages, loss of jobs and higher taxes. The wealthiest two percent of the country cannot pay health care costs for 98 percent of the country.

Right now, everyone in the Washington back east needs to slow down and really delve into what other countries are doing. The first step would be to ban anyone from being exempt from a government run health plan. Maybe if their families were going to have to use the system they vote for, they’d think more than twice about what they are voting on.

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