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Keeping an eye on our legislators

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Published on Mon, Feb 1, 2010 by BY PAM STEVENS | EDITOR

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In President Obama’s State of the Union address last week he hit on some key issues that we all knew and hoped he would talk about. Among them––health care reform, the economy and taxes.
Of course Democrats praised him and Republicans balked at what he had to say.

But, when the President spoke to Congress telling them to work together and stop the bipartisan politics––well, that’s what I wanted to hear.

It seems as though politicians often take office and after a minimal amount of time, their reality changes. Many seem to forget just exactly who got them elected, whom they represent and why they are making these tough decisions.

If lawmakers could just be say––a representative of those living in Washington instead of a Democrat or Republican once they get to office, there would be a lot less backbiting and a lot more could get accomplished.
It’s true, you have to pick a party in order to receive the financial backing to get elected but these folks are making decisions that affect you and me and without our votes they wouldn’t be there.

I hope to see more Republicans working with Democrats to solve the problems that exist in our country. At least listen to each other and have conversations that can bring opportunities to those they are representing.

I hope to see this in Olympia this legislative session. I know that our local Senator Hobbs and Representative Hope have been working together on bills that affect those of us who live in Lake Stevens. Yes, a Democrat and a Republican can come together and do what is best for those whom they are fighting.

Let’s keep an eye on our legislators and if they aren’t doing what we elected them to do, when the next election comes up, get someone in there that will.

And if we see that they are voting, not along party lines but for what they feel is best for their district, make sure they once again get elected.

This is an election year and a year with some tough economic decisions to be made. Make sure your elected officials are doing what’s best for you.

You can see how each of your state legislators vote on each bill by visiting

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