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Letters for February 10, 2010

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Published on Mon, Feb 8, 2010
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Homeowner near Thomco concerned about use permit

Dear Editor,
 I would like to thank State Representative Hans Dunshee and Councilman Dave Somers, Snohomish County Planning, for holding the meeting and hearing concerns from the community  regarding issues with Thomco Aggreate LLC. 
We would also like to thank all those who have been so helpful and all those who attended the meeting.
In compliance with Snohomish County, Thomco has been required to stop work on the many acres they were on outside the original conditional use permit; however, according to the county, Thomco is applying to expand the conditional use permit to all their property of approximately 60 acres (re: Thomco rep).
This will extend from almost half way between 44th Street NE and 28th Street NE and is approximately half way between 139th Avenue NE and North Machias Road. If they are issued that permit, not only will it be worse, but will affect even more people. The application is to be at the county by Feb. 15, 2010.
It is urgent to register your complaints and register as a party of record as soon as possible to Snohomish County and the state, EPA, DOE, etc.  If you have questions you may email me for more information and contact information at
Anne Dunn
Lake Stevens

Taxing cigarettes, alcohol can bring money for healtcare

Dear Editor,

Recently a reader complained about the tiny tax that may be added to cigarettes, alcohol, and soda pop.  These are things that have been proven to be unhealthy and easily abused, and potentially causing addictions and diseases. 
I see nothing wrong with adding a tax to these things, as it increases revenue and may even help fund healthcare. 
A little effort in our own preventive healthcare is a benefit to all.  This same reader had previously stated, “the government is forcing a special diet on us all.”  That is ridiculous.
Our legislators are trying very hard to balance a budget during these hard economic times.
We can expect that they and our governor will be careful when deciding which programs to cut and where to raise taxes.  A letter, phone call or email to our elected officials may seem ineffective, but it’s not.  They really do listen to us.
The only ones who need to fear higher taxes and other reforms and regulations, are the ultra-wealthy, big banks, big corporations, and big insurance and those who are trying to rewrite history and spread fear and lies.
Tax increases are not being sponsored by “special interest groups “ but each and every roadblock and obstruction to all proposed suggestions that would aid in the recovery and progress of this nation are being sponsored by special interest groups.
The facts are easily accessible to anyone who cares.  It’s obvious where the fear and hatred is coming from, and where it’s being directed.

Carolyn Fox-Allen
Lake Stevens

High-speed rail across the country will be costly

Dear Editor,

The President announced $8 billion for high-speed rail around the nation and it sounds exciting.
I look at the numbers and already Amtrak loses $37 per person on each trip it makes. How much will the overall project cost?
Can you even buy the land (from Washington-to-California) because we need straight track, not what we have now.
The idea sounds fascinating but when you pull the curtain back, the Wizard is just a man.
Let’s engage common sense solutions to our transportation issues.

Todd Welch
Lake Stevens
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