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Olympics bring the world together every two years

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Published on Tue, Feb 16, 2010 by BY PAM STEVENS | MANAGING EDITOR

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I love the Olympics, especially the Winter Olympics and to have the games so close to home, at a place where most of us have been, is very exciting.

Last Friday’s opening Ceremonies were spectacular, as usual, and the next two weeks will certainly bring new world records and many surprises as millions around the world tune into their televisions and root for their favorite athletes.

Watching Western Washington favorite Apolo Ohno speed skate his way to the gold (I hope) is one Olympic moment I have been waiting for for the last four years. The speed and agility of those skaters is nothing short of amazing and seeing the bond that Ohno has with his always supportive father brought tears to my eyes only four short years ago. What an amazing athlete he is.

Another Olympic favorite is the downhill skiing and snowboarding. The ringing of the cow bells seems to be a constant crowd favorite at these events.

 Growing up in Salt Lake City and visiting Park City on a regular basis, skiing and snowboarding are sports that are close to my heart. Watching Olympic hopefuls train on those beautiful snow filled mountains is always an exciting event and seeing them bring home medals reminds us why these athletes spend so much time on a sport that they love.

When Americans win the gold at any event and hearing our national anthem play as they stand on their podiums holding their medals and singing the words of their country’s song swells the heart and makes you proud to be an American.

Of course, the best part of the Olympics is the closing ceremonies. The extravagant stages and performances are highly anticipated by the millions who tune in every two years, but seeing the athletes come together at the end as friends, no matter what country they are from or whom they have competed against, lost to or beat by mere seconds, that’s what the Olympics are all about – bringing the world together, if only for two weeks every couple of years.

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