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Special session costs are a waste of taxpayer money

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Published on Mon, Mar 15, 2010 by BY PAM STEVENS | MANAGING EDITOR

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So here we are once again, in a special legislative session. It seems that lawmakers just don’t have enough time to hash out the ever-exploding budget and agree on tax hikes in their typical 60-day session, instead the Governor has called a special session that will cost taxpayers an additional $20,000 a day.

Some legislators have said that it’s not that they aren’t agreeing on terms and conditions of the budget but that there is so much to go through they simply haven’t had the time to wrap everything up.

Whatever the reason, the spending insanity needs to stop. How many businesses give their employees an additional $90 a day for expenses because they can’t finish the job they were hired (or elected in this case) to do?
The fear becomes what more will be added on to our already costly sales tax? Are they using this time to actually cut the budget instead of sticking taxpayers with costs from past over-extended budgets?

As taxpayers, most of us are fed up with costly decisions made in Olympia. In times of wealth and prosperity, why haven’t lawmakers put more money away instead of feeding their pet programs and projects to a point that they become “addicted” to the money the government is feeding them and end up “needing” it, even when times are tough.

How will small businesses fare after decisions have been made and the votes have been cast in the 2010 session? Not too well it seems. Again, costing taxpayers jobs and money.

One reasons salaried employees are paid a salary to save businesses the cost of overtime. If an employee can’t get the job done in the time they were hired to do it in, most employers won’t slap them on the back and say, “no problem, I’ll just pay you more money to finish the job, even though you were hired to do it in an allotted amount of time.”

If companies did business that way, our economy would be worse off than it already is.
Lawmakers should refuse the extra $90 a day to show their districts that they didn’t run for office for the perks, they did it to represent the will of the people they are making decisions on behalf of.
After all, this is an election year, we want to see what matters to our politicians before casting our votes in November.

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