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Lundeen roundabout creates opportunity for safety, patience

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Published on Mon, Apr 12, 2010 by BY PAM STEVENS | MANAGING EDITOR

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The new roundabout that is being constructed at Lundeen Parkway/Vernon Road/Lake Drive will help slow traffic down and create a safer road, especially during high traffic volumes times.

However, many have complained about construction crews closing off Lundeen Parkway, which has caused traffic back-ups on other surface roads.

While it is an inconvenience to many who travel this route regularly, it creates the perfect opportunity to practice courteous driving.

Before the street was shut down, the Lake Stevens School District met with the City of Lake Stevens and the Lake Stevens Police Department to discuss how the closure would affect bus routes to and from schools each day.
The police have provided extra presence on Highway 92, where most traffic is being diverted, especially coming off of 99th Ave. NE, Callow Rd. and 113th Ave. NE. This process has helped slow many people down but when buses return to he bus barn and rush hour traffic starts getting heavy, many drivers are losing their patience while trying to turn left onto or from Highway 92.

Students are being taken care of, but if drivers continue to be impatient and drive recklessly because they may have to wait a minute or two, none of us will be safe on the road.

Unfortunately, many drivers trying to turn left onto a Highway 92 side street watch their rearview mirror and see traffic piling up behind them. It’s almost as if peer pressure takes hold and they feel bad making people wait for them, so they take a huge risk and turn left in front of vehicles going 55 miles per hour.

I have even seen, or shall I say heard, drivers honking their horns at cars to turn, even in questionable circumstances, most of which they would never attempt at any other time.

If you know you are going to have to detour away from Lundeen Parkway, anytime in the next month, leave a little early, take a few deep breaths, and respect drivers who also want to get to their destinations in a safe and timely manner.

When the roundabout is complete, we will all be able to move through Lundeen Parkway more safely and more quickly and what will we have really lost – five minutes? Better than losing our life or taking someone else’s.

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