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A party for thousands, a weekend to remember

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Published on Mon, Jul 26, 2010 by BY PAM STEVENS | MANAGING EDITOR

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Let’s just get it out there—I love Aquafest! When those carnival trailers come rolling into town the excitement for the big weekend starts growing and stays with me until the trailers roll out of town a week later.
Making a trip, or three, with the kids to see the progress as all of the rides are put together is an annual event at our house. The favorite is watching the ferris wheel come to life over the lake and watching it go around and around from North Lakeshore Dr.

The smells of the carnival food wafting through my door at the Journal office makes my mouth water and I get excited to take a huge bite of that buttery corn on the cob that the Rotary Club sells each year.

The parades are always a favorite too. The Children’s Parade starts off the weekend bringing with it huge smiles and excited kids which carries on to the Grand Parade on Saturday and into the night with the annual Boat Parade.
How lucky are we that we can have a Boat Parade? Not many town festivals have those kinds of bragging rights.
Sharing our beautiful and quaint little town with the thousands of residents and visitors for this weekend crammed full of fun and adventure is a sight to behold, but let’s face it, it takes hundreds of people who work behind the scenes to pull this mega-party together each and every year.

Without all of the Aquafest Board members and extra volunteers, we wouldn’t have a festival to be a part of. 
When I walked into my first Aquafest Board meeting a few short years ago, I was humbled to see all of the faces that meet every month, starting in August, and then every week, beginning in June, to make this festival come together.

I guess I had never really thought about it before —who and how long it takes to make something like Aquafest come together.

Now four Aquafests later, most of the faces are the same and many more have joined in to create the Aquafest you all get to be a part of each year.

How many of you realized how much effort and man-hours it takes to make sure your hamburger gets cooked or the ice in your drink stays frozen? Just getting power to each of the food booths is a feat in and of itself.
Emptying garbage cans, pretty much every hour, security, coordinating volunteers, finances, performers and every other small detail takes hours and hours of preparation.

If you enjoyed your weekend at Aquafest and made memories that will last a lifetime,  maybe you would like to get involved in next year’s party. We would love to see new faces around the tables and get some fresh ideas for future town parties.

Come and join us—my Aquafest experience only got better once I became a part of the ‘behind the scenes’ folks.
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