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Support your local Day of Service and Remembrance

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Published on Mon, Aug 16, 2010 by BY PAM STEVENS | MANAGING EDITOR

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It is almost impossible to believe that we are coming upon the ninth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States of America.

 On September 11, 2001, almost 3,000 people were killed when two airplanes crashed into the twin towers in New York while another hit the Pentagon in Washington D.C. and yet another went down in a field in Pennsylvania.

Innocent lives were lost that day and families continue to mourn their loved ones, many of whom died while trying to rescue others from this tragic event.

 While most of us here in Lake Stevens don’t know the full effect of what happened on that day almost a decade ago, we still felt the loss of our fellow Americans.

Last year, President Obama heeded the call to make September 11 “Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance’.

 President Obama stated in a Proclamation, “I call upon all Americans to join in service and honor the lives we lost, the heroes who responded in our hour of need, and the brave men and women in uniform who continue to protect our country at home and abroad.”

 This community has now been given an opportunity to give back.

 Local members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, have been working with city officials, Lake Stevens School District, Lake Stevens Fire District and the Lake Stevens Police Department in finding ways to serve within the community.

 They have invited the community to help them in this endeavor on Saturday, Sept. 11 form 9 a.m. to noon, as they remember those who were lost and serve their fellow Americans and better still, their neighbors within community.

What an opportunity this is for Lake Stevens residents to come together for the greater good of this community and serve side by side as they help continue the great example of service of those who were lost that day and of those whose lives have been sacrificed each day since then in the fight for freedom.

 I invite each of you to join in this Day of Remembrance and Service and get to know your neighbors while beautifying a community we all love.

 As stated I the words of our President, “Working together, we can usher in a new era in which volunteering and more service is a way of life for all Americans. Deriving strength from tragedy, we can write the next great chapter in our Nation’s history and ensure that future generations continue to enjoy the promise of America.”


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