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Politicians are people too

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Published on Tue, Sep 7, 2010 by BY KELCEY HATCH | REPORTER

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Politics is a messy, sneaky and sometimes destructive sport. Feelings often get hurt, emotions run high and arguments are heated. But through it all it is important for people to remember that politicians are people too and they deserve our respect.
I was disgusted when I saw that someone had punched two large holes in  Steve Hobbs’ campaign sign on 20th Street NE. Not only is this act illegal but it shows complete disrespect for our local politicians, which in a small community should be one of our best assets.

As a disclosure I will say that my disgust has absolutely nothing to do with political preferences or my personal feelings for Hobbs.  It isn’t about who or what I agree with it is simply about respect for personal property and fellow human beings.
In a world of constant party arguments it is actions like those of the vandalizer that just make party lines more divided.    
If we want a more peacful political environment we have to learn to respect each other. Or the right wing and left wing are forever going to be going head to head.

I hope that whoever vandalized Hobbs’  sign feels horrible and understands that  what he/she did is a disgrace.

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