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Who’s to blame for Casey Anthony going free

Published on Tue, Jul 12, 2011 by BY PAM STEVENS | MANAGING EDITOR

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The whole world seems to be enthralled with the Casey Anthony verdict of not guilty. I’m not sure there is a word strong enough to really grasp what people felt when jurors handed down the verdict. Of course, shock, surprise, disgust, among others come to mind.

The question is whom are we disgusted by? The jurors, the defense, the prosecution?
Maybe all three.

It’s clear that the prosecution didn’t prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, otherwise the jury wouldn’t have been able to come to such a conclusion in under 12 hours. However, the question lingers that if a grand jury voted to indict without having the body of little Caylee then why couldn’t the trial jury find her mother guilty with a body?

Of course I wasn’t in the courtroom during the trial and didn’t get to see and hear everything that the jurors did but I do wonder what more they were looking for.

They did hand down four separate guilty verdicts for Anthony’s lying to investigators so why didn’t they think that the defense’s arguments, which they supposedly got from Anthony herself, were at all truthful? I guess we’ll never know.
That brings us to the defense. I have to admit that Baez was quite eloquent in his portrayal of what happened. He was likable and down to earth as he spoke to the jury and interviewed witnesses.

My concern is that he truly believes Casey Anthony’s facts of what happened to Caylee; that Casey was molested by her father and that her father, a retired cop, actually helped Casey dispose of the body and cover-up a drowning. It all seems extremely far-fetched.

As someone sitting on this side of the screen, computer and television, it’s really easy for me to be judge and jury. I am grateful that I didn’t have to make those calls myself.

I think the person we should be most disgusted with is Casey Anthony herself. It seems that she literally got away with murder and although her lying got her four years in jail, she was already sitting there and so it didn’t really affect her once the trial was over.

I hope that she will not be able to make money off this whole ordeal. News magazines need to stop showing Caylee’s photo so no royalties have to be paid and if she writes a book, my hope is that no one buys it.

It would be shameless to make a movie about Caylee’s death, only because of the money that will be placed in Casey’s hands.

All of us who grieve for this lost child and for the fact that no one is paying for her tragic death need to remember that by literally ‘buying’ into all of the hype we are only creating a way for Casey to gain monetarily from this crime, whether it be the first degree murder she was acquitted of or the disposing of Caylee’s body after she allegedly drowned.

The peace comes from knowing that there really is justice in the world, whether it is here on earth or after we leave it.
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