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Published on Tue, Sep 27, 2011 by BY PAM STEVENS | MANAGING EDITOR

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Each day I wake up and get to look at the beautiful lake as I drive out of my neighborhood. Big beautiful evergreens and white capped mountains surround this quaint little town and I feel blessed to be a part it.

This past week has been a big reminder to me of other reasons I love Lake Stevens and that’s the people who live and work here. They never cease to amaze me with their open hearts and giving souls and their support of one another.
At Friday night’s high school football game, the stands were packed with Viking fans of all ages. While standing on the field looking up at the throngs of people, sitting, standing and walking around the stadium I got a flash of high school football in Texas.

You always hear about how fans all over the state of Texas hit their high school stadiums to support their local boys on the field. I don’t think they have anything on Lake Stevens’ fans. Covered in purple and gold, many of them from head to toe, Viking fans cheered their team to victory for the third week in a row.

On Saturday, I was able to attend the Guns and Hoses softball game at the Cavelero Mid High baseball field. Not only did many of our local firefighters and police sign-up to play on their day off, those who came to support their favorite team also donated over 500 items for local families in need.

Donations poured in for the Lake Stevens Food Bank as well as the Lake Stevens Family Center—both worthy causes and both in need of support from the community. Police Explorers were on hand to collect, count and load the donations. Again, they showed up in their free time.

I was also able to attend the first Relay for Life Committee meeting for the 2012 Lake Stevens Relay. I am amazed at all of those who are willing to put in countless hours to help fight cancer and bring Lake Stevens together in a fun, heart-warming event.

Just imagine the hundreds of hours spent each month volunteering on behalf of our beloved community. The service clubs who meet on a regular basis, the churches whose members donate time serving one another, students earning their service hours by helping out where needed and all of those who donate their time and talents behind the scenes—it’s is truly awesome what is accomplished by these selfless residents.

Our amazing city would not be the same without those who are willing to serve and make it better! Thank you to all of you!
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