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Published on Thu, Jul 23, 2009 by by Monika Kristofferson, Professional Organizer

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As a professional organizer, I love it when I have the ‘bug’ to declutter my house!  For me, going through closets and drawers filling a donation bag makes me feel lighter.  I love the feeling I get when I have what I need, I know where it is and I know that I still have space to add something new.

Well, how do I declutter my house?  Even professional organizers still have new things coming into the home on a regular basis, especially those of us who have children!

Professional Organizer Secret # 1
Give all belongings a home such as a basket, bin or a specific place on a shelf.  Make sure it is easy for all members of the family to know what belongs there.  Using a label machine to label your “homes” will make it very clear.

This will allow you to know how much you have of any item and it puts a cap on how much you can store.  If it is overflowing, it’s time to lighten the load!

Professional Organizer Secret # 2
I keep a donation bag lining a plastic tub under a table in my office at all times.  Any time we come across clothing, kid’s toys, books or household items that we are ready to part with, in they go!  The bag doesn’t even have to be full to pass it on if you get a call for a charity pick up or you will be driving by a local donation drop off.

Professional Organizer Secret # 3
Another way I declutter my house is actually through a little preventative medicine.  I am careful to stop it before it ever even makes it through the door. 

•    I rarely stop at garage sales.  Do I really need that ‘good deal’ or another vase?
•    If someone wants to give me something that I don’t need, I politely pass. It’s ok to do that, really.
•    When I shop, I only purchase something if I need it and know where I would put it or how I would store it. 

Use my secrets to declutter my house so you can declutter yours!

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