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Organizing on a shoestring budget

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Published on Mon, Jan 4, 2010 by Monika Kristofferson, Professional Organizer

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I am a professional organizer, but that doesn’t mean I spend tons of money on organizing products to organize my home.  Are there great products out there?  Yes!  Do I love organizing products?  Yes!  But when you need to save a few dollars, you can also use items you have on hand to stretch your organizing dollars.

One of the biggest factors in having an organized space is having homes for your belongings.  They don’t have to be fancy, especially when organizing drawers or closets other people won’t be looking into.

The ordinary shoebox is a great all-purpose storage container.  They come in all different sizes and can hold all kinds of items.  I use them for storing shoe polish, batteries and light bulbs.  Just be sure to have a separate box for each type of item you are organizing and adding a label is even better. 

One of my favorite storage containers was a plastic fruit tray from Costco, you get to eat the fruit, wash it and then organize.  With all the different compartments, I used one to organize all my beauty supplies under my bathroom sink. 

Any containers you come across have the possibility to organize and hold something.  I am very careful when I look at a container to know where and how I will use it.  I don’t just keep a bunch of empty containers on hand, “just in case.”  That will end up causing more clutter.  If you really must keep a few, then have one place set aside to store them and keep several sizes.  If after a while, if you just can’t find a use for it—part with it.
Organize your home on a shoestring budget by using containers that come your way.

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