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When I go in to people’s  homes to help them declutter and get organized, I am there to look at their space with a fresh perspective, new set of eyes and  to look for clutter in all the wrong places.  Bottom line, pull things out that don’t belong and of course items that are no longer needed. 

So, I encourage you to take some time today to look at the following common trouble areas and see if you find “which one doesn’t look like the other” by finding items that shouldn’t be living together in the same space.
Laundry Room:  This sometimes this ends up being a catch-all area while, at the same time, usually not being a very large space to begin with. 

Make sure you are storing only the laundry soaps and spot removers that you are truly going to use.  You have to maximize your space by storing only what you need and keeping that to laundry related items.  This isn’t the space for small kitchen appliances, gift wrap or art supplies.

Entry Closet:  Think about what naturally should be stored here to get out the door:  Coats, umbrellas and baskets holding hats, scarves and gloves.   This isn’t the spot for toys, camping gear or bags of unopened mail.
Office Desk:  This is a work area-period.  This space should contain office supplies, active files, computer equipment and a telephone.  This is not the area for stacks of kid’s art projects, old boxes from computer programs (this doesn’t count as an office supply), food wrappers or random toys.

Take some time to really look at the items that have gathered in your space, then declutter so they can live where they should and you can live in an organized home. To contact Monika go to or 425-220-8905.