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Banish Paper Piles

Published on Thu, Feb 24, 2011 by Monika Kristofferson

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I’d have to say, as a professional organizer, one of the biggest problem spots I see with clients is where and how they store their paperwork.  It might be in boxes.  It might in piles.  It might be on the floor, covering a desk or a countertop.  
We are all blasted with paper every day.  It comes in the mail as bills, catalogs and junk mail.  It comes home with our kids from school-the newsletters, the PTA reminders, lunch menus and activity flyers.  It comes from our hobbies, our associations and our volunteer activities.  Definitely not a paperless society, actually far from it.
Here are steps for you to take right now to help you banish paper piles.
Step #1:  This is the day to cancel any subscriptions you are no longer interested in.  If you don’t have the time or interest in reading it, then stop it.  Go ahead and call it’s ok, really.
Step #2:  Sort your mail as soon as you can.  I actually start ripping open my mail on my walk back from the mailbox.  I timed myself and if I open my mail daily it takes less than two minutes.  If you let it pile up for even a few days it seems like a big job-it is a big job.  
Step #3:   Keep a garbage can and recycle bin right where you open the mail so you can toss as you go and get the mail down to only the pieces you need.  Be sure to have a shredder close by for destroying sensitive information.
Use these steps now to help you get your paper piles under control!
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