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How to Declutter Your Home and Breathe Easy

Published on Mon, Apr 11, 2011 by Monika Kristofferson, Professional Organizer

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Complaints of a client who needs help conquering clutter: 


  • “I’m overwhelmed”
  • “I don’t know where to start”
  • “I feel like I can’t breathe” 
  • “I feel like I can’t move”
  • “I’m so embarrassed”
  • “I don’t know how it got like this” 


How do you go from feeling like this to getting a handle on your clutter and excess belongings?  How do you declutter your home?


Well now, let me tell you!


Decluttering Tip # 1

Don’t beat yourself up.  You are ready for change, you are taking the steps to declutter your home, it’s all good-you can do it!


Decluttering Tip # 2

Choose one area of your home and start there.  Just pick a place and start. 


Decluttering Tip # 3

Don’t overwhelm yourself.  Either choose one small area to work on or set a timer for the amount of time you feel you are willing to work.


You will get to the bottom even one shelf or drawer at a time, yes, you will!


Decluttering Tip # 4

Do not bring new items into the area that you are decluttering.  Stop shopping!


Decluttering Tip # 5

Stay in the area where you are working.  Bring in labeled bags or boxes appropriate for your project.  Label examples-Garbage, Donation, Recycle, Shred. 


As you go through your belongings, place the items you are ready to part with into the bags or boxes.  Having large, clear labels will make it easier to know which bag to place items in quickly.


Decluttering Tip # 6

As you go through your belongings, ask yourself: 


  • Do I still love this item? 
  • Do I use this item? 
  • If I make a mistake in parting with something, could I buy or borrow another one? 
  • Is this item relevant to my life now?


Make sure that the items you keep are ones that have meaning to you, have use to you and you have space to store them.


Decluttering Tip # 7


Store the belonging that you do keep in labeled bins, baskets or containers.  Be sure to measure your space before you go shopping for your new organizing products.


Decluttering Tip # 8

Get items you are done with out of the house by having a donation truck come for a pick up or load your car and drop it all off.


When you declutter your home, you can enjoy the belongings that do have meaning to you and breathe easier!