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Get Into the Mind of a Professional Organizer

Published on Mon, Dec 5, 2011 by Monika Kristofferson

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Being a professional organizer, I will admit that my mind works a little differently than a lot of other people’s minds.  Imagine how thrilled I am when I am in a room full of other professional organizers, we totally get each other; everything we say makes perfect sense to the rest of the group!  
Just what are a few of the things that make us tick, just what is going on in our brains?  
QUANTITY:  We aren’t afraid that we won’t have enough.  Enough hair products, enough cleaning products, enough pens (ok, some of us may fear not having enough shoes!).  We don’t have a compelling need to stockpile, we don’t need three different brands of the same item.  We would rather use what we have and then replace as needed.  We don’t mind having a back-up, especially if we get a good price, we just don’t need overabundance.
LOGICAL PLACEMENT:  We seem to have a knack for walking into a room and being able to put together a puzzle for the best way to set up a space, whether a desk, a counter or a room.  We are able to look at how the space is used with fresh eyes and what will be the best way to place items to make the area functional and keep items within easy reach.
CLUTTER-FREE EQUALS CALM:  We feel FANTASTIC in a space when everything is in its place, the room isn’t cramped and counters don’t have piles.  We love seeing open space!  We feel calm, we feel like we can breathe and we love looking at what we have accomplished when we have organized a space!
Professional organizers may think a little differently, but we are always happy to be able to share our thoughts and our skills!