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Published on Mon, Sep 13, 2010
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Government needs to step back to take care of economic crisis
Dear Editor,
It has been reported that one in six Americans are receiving government financial assistance.  The unemployment nationwide is 9.5 percent even after TARP, Stimulus, Auto Bailout, Cash-4-Clunkers, Cash-4-Caulkers, housing tax credit, and continuous extension of unemployment benefits.
The economy is not improving and we still are looking for more assistance from the federal government. Corporate profits are up and companies are sitting on billions, but are afraid to invest in new technologies and employees due to uncertainty from our government. We can look at the new 2,300 regulatory bill which states, “no fewer than 243 new formal rule makings by 11 different federal agencies.”
We created this economic situation and it will take government stepping back and allowing the economy to fix itself and it will happen just like in the early 80’s during the Carter Administration recession. The best thing the government can do is extend the Bush tax cuts and spend less, once the economy gets going again we can look at fixing the real issues like Medicare, Social Security, and Health Care which are the issues that must be solved for our long-term success.

Todd Welch Lake Stevens

 Thanks to heroes in Lake Stevens

Dear Editor,
I was having “one of those days” and on the way to drop my daughter off at the high school I got a flat tire in my borrowed car, right in front of the school, much to her mortification.
Her brother and I were able to get it off the road into the parking lot. We made our best attempt to change the tire ourselves but neither of us was strong enough to loosen the lug nuts.
I called my friend Wayne at Jay’s Market to see if he could at least come and pick me up, it is there that I found my local hero.
Wayne couldn’t come but he sent Bobbie to get me. When we got back to the store Keith Perry, owner and manager stepped up to the plate.
I told him what had happened and he graciously offered his help. He drove me back up to the school and he changed my tire.
Talk about customer service and small town feel. It made my day and put a smile on my face knowing that we live in that kind of town.
His random act of kindness changed my rough day into one I feel good about.
It is a great feeling to live in a not so small town anymore and to experience that small town feel.
Thanks Wayne, thanks Bobbie, and Keith, you are my heroes!

Carla Grant Lake Stevens

Voting means more than checking a box
Dear Editor,
With the November elections coming up fast, it is important to remember why it is so important that each citizen cast his/her vote in every election.  
Try to erase from your memory banks what party you may affiliate with or who you love and who you may hate.  Put on the thought process of an “independent” and do your own research regarding what candidates have done, what they have said and what others say about them.  
Instead of letting someone else tell you what to do, do it yourself and find out for incumbent candidates what their voting record actually is and what they have said in the press, at town halls, etc. and especially how a candidate may treat his/her constituents especially the ones who may have opposing points of view.  
For candidates without a voting record, the voter must rely on what the candidate says, what others say about him/her and then if elected, watch their records like hawks.
Many people have forgotten that our founders purposely set up the elections so that “popularity” was not the reason someone was elected.  
It can happen, but the reason we do not have a simple majority wins vote is that even the founders could envision a few states controlling the entire United States.  Each state has two senators who used to be selected by a state’s legislature but are now elected by the people. The reason is to give each state the exact same “voice” in public policy decisions.
In addition, many people have forgotten that a country “of, by and for the people,” relies on those same people to be vigilant, to learn what our history and founding documents actually say instead of some comedian’s version of them and to be “independent” in thought at all times when doing his/her own research on each and every candidate for each and every election.  
If you are one of many who think “your vote doesn’t count,” do your research to find out—it counts far more now than it would with a straight popular vote—so use it or lose it.
Catherine Paxton
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