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CORE teaches today’s youth about respect and empowerment

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Published on Wed, Feb 7, 2007
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CORE teaches today’s youth about
respect and empowerment

BY CHUCK TUCK | JOURNAL REPORTER Next week marks the tenth anniversary for CORE seminars Inc. Created and spearheaded by Gail Manahan, LHMC, CORE is an intensive four-day look at oneself.

Courage, Ownership, Respect, and Empower define what CORE is.
Manahan is a family counselor specializing in adult and adolescence, and is a former school counselor who knows what to do when it comes to helping and understanding teens.

CORE for teens was created to empower youth to get to know who they are, and what their lives are all about.

When CORE participants first enter a room it is filled with relaxing music.

The teens seat themselves next to or across from someone with similar thoughts and experiences, or possibly a totally different understanding of the world in which they live.

No matter what the difference or similarities are, each will learn within four days to share and grow from their experiences, resulting in a better understanding of themselves, and the world around them.

A professional facilitator trained by Manahan to provide a dynamic and rich learning environment conducts each CORE seminar. Facilitators are backed up by a team of volunteers who have graduated from CORE seminars.

One of the first things a CORE facilitator asks its group of teens is if they were in charge and could change the world, what would they change?
Many of the kids are shy at first, but according to Manahan, most teens say they want to have a happy or healthy family or they wish they didn’t have to go to school.

“They start to realize, that anything they say, we are going to listen to. The first thing in their mind is hey, this isn’t like school,” Manahan said.

She continued to say that the teens are able to talk freely about what is important to them, that CORE facilitators never make anybody feel wrong and that everyone can have their opinions.

“I think it provides a safe environment and they find out that the adults in the room are wanting to give them their rules first. Instead of us trying to bring them into our world of good choices and making the decisions, we enter their world,” Manahan added.

The dynamics around CORE seminars incorporates education, sociological, psychological and cognitive educational models into a well thought-out learning environment that make up a good synergy for knowledge and expanding ones thoughts.

This gives the participants an opportunity to think, explore, discover, and realize personal potential that ultimately results in a better way to thrive in their own community and the world.

“By the fourth day, we have created a community in this room of heart-felt connections, positive things, and everybody in the room wants to make a difference in the world,” Manahan said.

CORE is not solely focused on at risk youth, instead it provides a program that benefits all teens wanting to explore, grow, and learn to make right choices in life.

Recently Ashley Banks, an ENCORE (second level seminar) student wrote Manahan letting her know how much she has learned from ENCORE, and how it has changed her life.

“I just wanted to say hey, and let you know that your program has really helped me a lot. After I was done with ENCORE, my relationship with my parents grew immensely.

Now it’s like they are my best friends. I started college; I’m getting a degree in Addiction Counseling. I just wanted to let you know that you do amazing work,” Banks wrote.

In the ten years of providing seminars for teens, CORE has been rated excellent 98 percent of the time.

At the end of the four-day seminar, many of its attendees leave wanting more and are amazed at what they have learned and experienced.

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