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Machias Road espresso stand robbed

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Published on Wed, Feb 21, 2007
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Machias Road espresso
stand robbed

BY AMY CODISPOTI | JOURNAL REPORTER Java Jan’s was held up and robbed in broad daylight on Feb. 12 at 2:15pm.

The suspect is described as a white male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt or coat. He threatened to be carrying a gun, although he didn’t reveal a weapon.

According to Misty Kelkenberg., Java Jan’s manager, the suspect approached the drive-through espresso stand on foot, and began yelling at the employee to hand over all the money in the till and tip jars. He also took the employee’s cell phone.

The 17-year-old employee who was working alone when the stand was robbed, wishes to remain anonymous. She said the suspect’s face was hidden beneath his hood and he was wearing sunglasses making a clear identification difficult.

“He demanded that I put all the money in his backpack and told me to put my phone in the bag, too,” she said, adding that the experience was so frightening she’ll no longer be working at the stand.

After gathering the money, the suspect ran towards Centennial Trail.

“He was heading in the direction of downtown,” said Police Chief Randy Celori. “As a safety precaution, we notified HomeLink, Northlake Middle School, and Mt. Pilchuck Elementary to go on lockdown.”

The schools remained in lockdown for approximately 30 minutes, until receiving word from the police that it was safe to return to normal.

The suspect was not apprehended.

The drive-through espresso stand, located on Machias Road, has been in business for 12 incident-free years.

“We’ve had some vandalism problems a couple of years ago, but nothing like this,” Kelkenberg said. “We’ve never been held up. I’m just shocked. And this was in the middle of the day!”

Kelkenberg. estimates the stand lost $250, not including the cell phone. In addition, she worries for the safety of her employees.

“I’ve just got to build up my crew’s confidence, and let them know that something like this can happen, but it doesn’t very often. It’s unfortunate. You can only be so safe. Crime happens. You hope that it doesn’t, but it does,” Kelkenberg. said.

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