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Granite Falls writer shares love of history

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Published on Wed, Dec 26, 2007
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Granite Falls writer shares love of history

BY CHUCK TUCK | JOURNAL REPORTER Writing a novel takes more than formal education, it takes time, passion, and understanding from loved ones.

Finding a topic of interest for others to read can be just as difficult or time consuming as writing the novel itself.

However, for Paul Byers of Granite Falls it wasn’t as difficult to find a topic as it was finding the time to write his novel.

The novel, which took more than three years to complete consumed much of his life and the lives of his wife and children.

There were many hours of research that went into writing the novel but Byers said it was mainly time with the family that was interrupted.

“I did quite a bit of research but it was basically life, job, family and just finding the time to write that was hard,” he said.

It was a matter of piecing the novel together over the years little by little until it was complete.

“At night after I come home I try to spend a little time with the wife, and with the kids, then I try to bang away a couple hours at night, on the days off,” Byers said. “There were even times when I had the day off and if I had to take the car down to have the oil changed, I’d take the laptop with me so as not to waste any time and start writing.”

When it came to finding a topic to write about, Byers said he found himself enthralled by stories he heard from veterans while working at the Naval Exchange.

“I worked at the Navy Exchange in Marysville, and talking to veterans from the different wars and listening to their stories I became interested,” he said.

Being interested in history as Byers was didn’t hurt any either. In fact, Byers said it may have helped.

His WWII novel titled “Catalyst” is his first published writing.

It is about the allied armies advance on a German war machine, and the secrets and lies that hurls a captain into waging a secret war against those he suspects foiled his mission.

Byers said that he has other books he has written, but they are not published.

“I’ve written two other novels, but they haven’t been published nor are they anywhere near being ready for that,” he commented.

With recently turning 50 years old, it was a nice surprise having a dream come true and being published for Byers.

When asked if the internet has helped or hindered aspiring authors, Byers said that he feels it has helped.

“Actually the internet has made things easier because people can publish their own books,” Byers said.

In Byers case he was fortunate to have a brother in the entertainment business introduce him to the publisher of Breakneck Books who published his novel in paperback.

“I actually met my publisher Breakneck Books through my brother,” he commented.

Also adding that his book is available from other sources via his webpage

Byers was very excited the day of our interview because he was off to do his first book signing at the Everett Mall.

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