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Fishing for a good cause is reason enough to spend a day in a boat

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Published on Wed, Jun 25, 2008
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Fishing for a good cause is reason enough to spend a day in a boat

BY CHUCK TUCK | JOURNAL REPORTER Saturday’s sturgeon fishing derby to help Everett firefighter Steve Goforth was a fun filled day.

With upwards of 50 boats early in the derby, hopes were high that plenty of sturgeon would be caught, measured, and weighed for the handing out of the prizes.

Not knowing what to expect or how many fishermen would participate, Pat Cook of the Lake Stevens Fire Department didn’t consider anything short of success to help raise money for Goforth’s mounting medical expenses for a much needed heart surgery.

“It’s too bad when you’re in the most powerful country, and health care is the way it is,” Cook said.

He added that the firefighters themselves have good benefit coverage but maximum medical pay-out is $2 million which can be delegated to pre and post care of surgery very quickly.

Ken Pinnell agreed with Cook, that even raising a dollar can be called a success.

No matter how much in donations was brought in for the benefit, at least people are being made aware of Goforth’s situation and the plight of health care in America, which just doesn’t stand up to the standards people expect from the number one nation in the world, he said.

If it were not for the giving hearts of people, the ones who need additional health care would go without their necessary medication.

“What are we going to do, leave them out on the street? People want to give, but they need to know where to give,” Cook said.

He then looked around and motioned in the direction of all the volunteers who were helping with parking cars, and prepping for the post barbecue celebration.

He looked satisfied with the outcome and smiled as he made his way down to the water.

As the tide shifted, fishermen and their boats either went further up the Snohomish river system or anchored their vessels off of Priest Point in Tulalip with hopes of landing the heaviest and maximum sized sturgeon allowed, which is 60 inches.

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