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Community feedback helps set priorities

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Published on Wed, Apr 1, 2009
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Community feedback helps
set priorities

BY PAM STEVENS | EDITOR After holding many staff meetings and community forums, the Granite Falls School District has chosen to freeze salary increases for their administrative team, including Superintendent Karen Koschak.

In addition, they willingly froze the balance of their professional development funds for this year and all professional development funds for next year.  

The district has been holding regular staff meetings and community forums since January gathering feedback and suggestions on funding priorities to keep the reductions as far from the classrooms as possible.
“The staff and community have been very supportive and their suggestions and ideas were very valuable throughout this process. Decisions have been made with great care,” Superintendent Karen Koschak said. “We have tried to cut items large and small with a focus of keeping student achievement at the forefront of all of our decisions.”

As the district prepares for a shortfall in their budget they have seen good things come out in the people of their community and staff.

“These are difficult times for local businesses, our parents and families, and staff. It’s true that the worst of times can bring out the best in people and we are seeing that in Granite Falls,” Kathy Grant, Public Relations Director for the Granite Falls School District said. “Our entire community and staff has been a tremendous help through this process offering support to help reduce costs while maintaining student programs and services as best we can.”

Reductions range from not replacing a central office administrator to combining athletic trips for transportation savings.

“We are hoping for the best case scenario yet preparing for the worst depending on the outcome of the legislative session,” Grant said.

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