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LSHS entrepreneur creates handy snack carrier

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Published on Mon, Jul 6, 2009 by BY PAM STEVENS | EDITOR

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Kevin Galloway, a 1999 graduate from LSHS,
holding the Snack Caddy which he co-created with his partner Carrie Goodman.

Graduating Magnum Cum Laud and as Valedictorian at Lake Stevens High School and currently working on his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania is not quite enough for Kevin Galloway, a 1999 graduate from LSHS.
It seems that working towards his doctorate in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics just wasn’t keeping him busy enough, so he decided to become an entrepreneur too.
Galloway, along with a partner, has put his mechanical mind to work and created the Snack Caddy, a convenient way to carry snacks to and from parties, picnics and more.
“I co-created the Snack Caddy with my business partner Carrie Goodman.  Carrie had the idea of a portable snack bar; however, she needed help refining the idea into a physical product,” Galloway said. “I used my engineering background to help her further innovate on the idea, define product specifications, and fabricate several prototypes for field testing.”
The snack caddy is perfect for the traveling partygoer because it’s easy to  carry and store.
“We feel those who will derive the most benefit from the Snack Caddy will be tailgaters, beach-goers, soccer moms, barbequers, and anyone else who loves to entertain,” Galloway said. “ Outdoor settings often have limited or no table space for setting chips, dips and soda especially if you must also balance this with food prep and eating space.” 
The Snack Caddy is just the beginning for Galloway. Because of his interest in starting with an idea and seeing it come to fruition, he hopes to make the creative process a huge part of his future.
“I really enjoy inventing tools and devices that people will find useful.  The process of developing an idea into a finished product is very exciting as it usually requires you to learn something new, and challenges previously held assumptions,” he said. “Developing the Snack Caddy has really been an excuse to learn more about this process and make new connections.
“If I could make it work, I would prefer to have my own product development firm; however, I still have a lot to learn at this stage in my career.” 
Growing up in Lake Stevens and going to school here has been beneficial to Galloway and he credits many of his teachers with part of his success.
“Growing up in Lake Stevens helped me build confidence in myself,” Galloway said. “I had some great coaches such as Cliff Chaffee and Jeff Page, and teachers such as Bruce Kelly, James Talley, Ray Cole, and Nancy Vittor to name a few, who helped me excel academically and athletically.”
For now, Galloway continues with his education and is hopeful that the Snack Caddy will become a household item for outdoor living.
“My hope for the Snack Caddy is that as a portable snack bar it will be a standard piece of equipment for outdoor and indoor entertaining. Much like the folding sport chair has become the standard for portable seating,” he said.
Galloway and his wife Emily are currently living in Pennsylvania.
If you would like to order the Snack Caddy visit their website at

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