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Election results bring changes

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Published on Mon, Nov 9, 2009 by BY PAM STEVENS | EDITOR

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All of the ballots have been counted from the Nov. 3 election and the results bring with them, a new Granite Falls Mayor, two new council people to Lake Stevens along with an additional 10,000 citizens.

A major victory for the City of Lake Stevens and its citizens living in the South Lake area, is the passing of the Southwest annexation.

Over 56 percent of the voters in that area chose to become an official part of Lake Stevens continuing in their quest to be “One Community Around the Lake”.

“The citizens of the Southwest annexation have spoken with their votes, and now they will have a voice in what happens in their city. This is an exciting time for the city of Lake Stevens and the future of our city,” Vern Little, the mayor of Lake Stevens said.  “The new citizens can expect much improved police service, Public works services and local assistance at City Hall.”

In Granite Falls, Saleem Haroon, local business owner, became the city’s newest Mayor, replacing Mayor Lyle Romack, who has been at the head of the city for the last six years.

“First of all I would sincerely like to thank everybody for their support and their participation in our democratic process and I am very humbled that the citizens of Granite Falls have entrusted me to lead this great community for the next four years,” Haroon said. “I promise to work diligently to keep us moving forward.”
Haroon won with just under 60 percent of the vote.

His vision for the future of Granite Falls includes government transparency and community prosperity.
“People can expect commitment, transparency, honesty and diligence in conducting people’s business with their best interest at heart. I will always be there to provide a helping hand,” he said. “In four years I see Granite Falls as a prosperous and thriving community with good jobs, family values and youth activities along with excellent education, that will produce great leaders for our future. Most of all I see a united community!”

The Lake Stevens city council had four open seats this year. Incumbent Neal Dooley, currently sitting in council position 2, ran uncontested.

Dooley’s top priority in the next four years is to continue annexation efforts and redevelopment downtown.
“I would like to accomplish in this next term the annexation of the rest of our Urban Growth Area, and the start of our planned Civic Center with downtown redevelopment,” he said.

Kathy Holder, who currently holds council position 6, beat newcomer Tony Charity with over 65 percent of the vote. Holder, who resigned her commission with the Army after serving four years, would like to see safer streets by building more sidewalks.

“I’m thrilled to be able to continue on with the current projects of road and sidewalk improvements, welcoming our newly annexed residents into the city and working on a downtown economic plan,” she said.
Kim Daughtry, won the council position 7 seat, replacing Tom Hartwell. Daughtry won 56 percent of the votes over Michiko McBride.

Daughtry hopes to see the community become more involved in local politics and the decision making process.
“As a member of your City Council I most want to facilitate more involvement by the city residents in the planning process and in planning the downtown and the civic center. I want the community to tell us what downtown should look like, how it should feel, what you want in your downtown,” Daughtry explains. “The community should also get involved in the economic development planning for our city; tell us what types of business they want in the area so the council, Mayor and city staff can market our city to those businesses that will help make our city thrive. I encourage all of you to get involved when those future planning sessions start. A few hours of your time and a whole bunch of ours will help to ensure that our city is the hometown of choice in Snohomish County.”

Lake Stevens business owner Marcus Tageant won city council seat 1 with 55 percent of the votes over Will Brandt, who currently serves on the city’s Parks Board.

“I feel really honored to have my seat in the council and appreciate the support that I have in the community. I look forward to working with my fellow council members to continue to promote safety for the city, and in our new area of Lake Stevens—the southwest annexation, getting the sidewalk projects started, as well as communicating with the business community to hear ideas on how to attract good companies and jobs to our area,” Tageant said. “Now that Lake Stevens has grown we have a lot of work ahead of us and I’m excited to be part of it.”

City council positions won in Granite Falls include Joshua Golston, Elizabeth Adams and Tom Fitzgerald.

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