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Help Needed for Everett Family

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Published on Mon, Dec 14, 2009 by By Colleen Johnson

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Wednesday Dec,9th The family woke up to utter chaos’s ,as a  fire ripped through the Spencer’s family home at about 6:30 am. Near the 2100 block of Summit Ave  in Everett.

. The mother ,Jody and her two children were trapped by smoke and flames in their upstairs. The neighbors heard screaming , crying and panic taking place, as the father( Toby )was outside yelling for them to jump out the window. Jody broke her ankle jumping from the roof. Their two children made it out safely. It was so hot that it broke a gas line inside and a live power line was knocked over. Firefighters had their hands full. Paramedics took 3 people to the Hospital, for burns, smoke inhalation, and a broken ankle. Toby, the father is still at the Hospital being treated for severe burns to his body.

Two family pets are believed, lost by the fire. There  is nothing left of the home all the contents consumed. I personally drove over there… There is nothing left. The fire was so hot it started to spread to the neighbors house , all were evacuated, for safety.

It is believed that the fire started from a gas leak from the furnace. Still under investigation.
1.    You can help by going to my fundraiser at /colleenjohnson  all proceeds will go to the Spencer Family. Click e-events and put in everettfire as you want the Spencer’s to get all proceeds. Just place an order, stocking stuffers? Skin so soft?

Be sure and register. I’m offering FREE SHIPPING to your door for this fundraiser. Code is (FSWER) I am an Independent Avon Rep. here in Lake Stevens, this is not an Avon corporate fundraiser.
My heart goes out to this family, as I myself had a fire in May of 04.

2.    If you’re a Lawyer and would volunteer to set up a Bank Account Trust for the Spencers , as another way to help them?

Written By Colleen Johnson

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