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LSHS grad shares magical talent

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Published on Mon, Dec 21, 2009 by BY PAM STEVENS | EDITOR

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Tylor Jones

Keep your eyes on Lake Stevens High School graduate Tylor Jones, not just because of his talent as a magician, but also because you will someday be able to say, ‘I knew him when’.

Jones, who is currently attending the University of Washington and studying Engineering and Business, has been a magician since the age of six, one who performs acts comparative to Criss Angel and David Blaine and he loves to share his talent with anyone who asks.

“I have been performing magic now for 11 years, starting with a little kids show for my mom’s friend. There is just something to it that makes you want to learn more and more, it’s very addicting you could say,” Jones explains.

Jones’ top priority is making people smile and seeing the awe in their expressions after he has performed one of his magic tricks.

“I can still remember my very first magic trick, one of my favorites as well, the cups and balls trick. I used to show everyone that trick and it would always get a reaction,” Jones said. “Magic has always been my passion. I do what I do, just to see the reaction on someone’s face when something amazing happens. If I can make someone think that the impossible is possible just for one second, then I’ve accomplished my goal and I can go home happy.”

Jones is also becoming an entrepreneur with the creation he calls SmartPaks, which he is currently in the process of patenting. Jones is keeping the details hush-hush until the patent is received.

“This new backpack will feature a couple systems that have never been used in a backpack,” he said. “These systems are going to be stress relievers for the user. SmartPaks will have military usage plus student usage. I can’t say anything further about them.”

Jones has performed at many of the Lake Stevens Farmer’s Markets, Team Fitness and at dozens of parties.  
If you would like to find out more about Jones and his magical talents visit his website at

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