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Local teen attends Eukanuba Dog Show

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Published on Wed, Dec 30, 2009 by JOURNAL STAFF

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Laura Pearson, 16-year-old Lake Stevens resident, shared her passion for dogs
at the Eukanuba dog show in Long Beach, Calif.

Laura Pearson is a 16-year-old girl who loves dogs and was able to show her  passion for them at the second largest dog show in the United States.

Pearson was invited to attend the show in Long Beach, Calif. and show an Australian Shepherd named Zana, owned by Steve and Linda Reau.

She was one of the youngest handlers at the show in the aussie ring among many professional handlers.
Pearson has been showing dogs her entire life and because of her  years of experience however,  it helped her take Reserve Winners Bitch with Zana.

This Eukanuna Dog Show will air on the Animal Planet Network on February.
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