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Granite Falls Mayor and police chief come to an agreement over contract

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Published on Mon, Jan 4, 2010 by Pam Stevens | EDITOR

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On Tuesday, Dec. 22, the Granite Falls City Council scheduled a meeting to discuss whether or not to extend Granite Falls Police Chief Tony Domish’s current four-year contract, which comes up for renewal in June 2010.

The contract extension was not ready for the Tuesday night meeting and so it was not addressed, however, Mayor Haroon and Chief Domish met later that week to discuss their differences and come up with a resolution.
Granite Falls Mayor Saleem Haroon and Domish have had a history of differences, which became more evident during Haroon’s campaign for Mayor last fall.

Haroon felt that his business, the Timberline Café, was being unnecessarily targeted by police and Domish even went so far as at tell the Seattle Times that he would quit if Haroon was elected mayor.
However, it looks as though their differences are starting to become resolved.

“I met with Tony on three or four different occasions for several hours,” Haroon said. “We were able to resolve most of our differences. I want to let bygones be bygones.”

The issue now for Haroon seems to be a lack of cooperation with a couple of city council members.
At a meeting held on Wednesday, Dec. 30, the council wanted to sign a five-year contract with the police chief but Haroon asked them to give him a chance to review the contract and then perform an evaluation at which time they could renew his contract.

“Why should we give him a five-year contract when he has stated earlier that he would not work with me. I would like to review the new contract and do a performance evaluation in 30 days, then bring it to council and act on it,” Haroon explained. “The council objected to that. Personally, I think that the council has not exercised due diligence in this contract and there are a couple of council members who may want to think it about resigning.”

Domish has been Granite Falls’ police chief since 2006 and has become very involved in the community of just under 3,400. He was contacted for commented but could not reached before the Journal went to print.

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