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Hobbs, local leaders meet to discuss 2010 session

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Published on Mon, Jan 11, 2010 by JOURNAL STAFF

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For the fourth consecutive year, Sen. Steve Hobbs, D-Lake Stevens, met with a group of community leaders and concerned citizens last Tuesday to discuss the pressing issues facing the greater Lake Stevens area with respect to the 2010 legislative session.

After hearing several ideas from those present, the group came to a consensus on three priorities for Hobbs to focus on in Olympia:

• Teacher salary support and assistance for the school district with funding of non-employee related costs, along with continued support of education funding.

• Long-term planning for the redesign of the SR-9/SR-204 intersection at Frontier Village.

• Creating greater flexibility with respect to previously allocated capital funds.

“Simply put, my job is to represent the will of my constituents,” Hobbs said. “The facilitation of meetings with citizens at the local level generates my marching orders for Olympia.”

Hobbs has made progress on the issues identified as priorities in previous community leaders meetings, including providing nearly one million dollars in capital funding for local projects like the Lake Stevens Civic Center and the Lake Stevens Senior Center, while also working to support legislative priorities including education funding and a local safe routes to school program.

Hobbs also continues to make significant headway on another top priority: eliminating the disparity in teacher pay between Lake Stevens and neighboring districts, where teachers receive a higher state salary.  Participants included representatives of the Lake Stevens School District, the Lake Stevens Police Department, Lake Stevens Fire, the City of Lake Stevens, the Lake Stevens Journal, the Chamber of Commerce and several citizen activists.

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