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Granite Falls community invited to forum on upcoming school budget

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Published on Fri, Jan 15, 2010 by JOURNAL STAFF

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The Granite Falls School District is hosting a community forum January 26 and 28* at 6 p.m. at Mountain Way Elementary to provide an overview of the District’s budget and request community input on funding priorities.
Schools are facing difficult times ahead with an additional $2 billion plus dollar state deficit. Staff members, the school board, and administrators have spent several weeks reviewing all areas of the budget.

The District is now requesting suggestions from parents and community members on how to focus the budget in such a way that we can maintain our commitment to services and programs for our students as best as possible.
The forum will provide an overview of the budget process and the opportunity to ask questions and help establish funding priorities.

*The agenda will be the same both nights; two nights are scheduled to allow parents and community members the option to attend one or the other.

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