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Hobbs helps secure $500,000 for Frontier Village intersection fix

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Published on Tue, Mar 2, 2010 by JOURNAL STAFF

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The Frontier Village intersection could soon be easier to navigate.  The Senate’s 2010 supplemental transportation budget, which was released today, sets aside $500,000 for the planning stage of a major overhaul of the SR-9 and SR-204 intersection.

The Washington Department of Transportation would spend the money on environmental planning and the development of a final design for the project.

“This intersection has been a major choke point for years,” said Sen. Steve Hobbs, D-Lake Stevens. “It’s having a negative impact on our efforts to increase economic development in the area. I’m glad members of the Senate transportation committee recognized how important this project is to our region.”

The SR-9 Coalition, made up of Snohomish County constituents, elected officials and community leaders was formed by Sen. Hobbs two years ago to address transportation needs in Snohomish County.  The Frontier Village intersection was this year’s top priority. Last month several members of the group came to Olympia and asked the Senate transportation committee to fund the first phase of the project. Hobbs says while the Senate action looks promising, the fight for precious transportation dollars isn’t over.

“I want to caution everyone that this is just the first phase of the process,” he said. “I encourage residents to contact members of the House and let them know we want this funding to remain in the final transportation budget, which the House and Senate must agree on.”

The House and Senate must compromise on a final transportation budget before the legislative session ends March 11.

Several other projects Hobbs and the Coalition fought for - SR-9/Snohomish River Bridge and SR-9 route development projects - are still on track and are being maintained at current funding levels.

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