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Senator Steve Hobbs and teacher Eric Bates receive Regional Awards of Distinction

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Published on Tue, Jun 8, 2010 by JOURNAL STAFF

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Mathematics instructor Eric Bates, along with Lake Stevens School District Superintendent Dr. David Burgess and Senator Steve Hobbs. Hobbs and Bates received awards for their outstanding community
and instructional leadership.

The Washington Association of School Administrators recently recognized individuals in the region who demonstrated and provided outstanding community and instructional leadership. 

Lake Stevens School District is proud to announce its awards of distinction went to Senator Steve Hobbs  for Community Leadership and Eric Bates for math instructional leadership.

Senator Steve Hobbs was recognized for his outstanding leadership in his role as a state senator specifically representing public education. 

On issues that matter in education, Senator Hobbs calls, emails, visits or invites the superintendent or board members to testify in Olympia. He asks the pertinent questions:  How will this decision impact schools, will this bill actually benefit students, is this funding impact equitable. 

He calls and visits with principals and teachers to gain knowledge about educational issues.  He and his staff are dedicated to representing the school districts he represents and is vigilant about getting it right for schools.
For example, it was his diligent work that actually got a bill approved to begin the plan to equalize the unequal grandfathered teacher salary schedule—a 30-year-old problem that was largely unknown or ignored. 

Hobbs knows the work that happens in Olympia has a direct impact on children and he works to get that message heard in the committees and caucuses where the decisions are made.

Eric Bates is Lake Stevens School District’s mathematics instructional coach at the elementary level grades K-5.      
In addition to successfully facilitating the implementation of a new math curriculum, Eric has focused professional development on specific classroom activities that promote student engagement in mathematics. As a result, student-centered math instruction has become the norm in all of our elementary schools.
He is respected by teachers as being an instructional leader who understands the need to change the strategies used to teach mathematics.

Bates models these practices in other teachers’ classrooms, working directly with students across the district. Student achievement in mathematics continues to improve under Eric Bates’ leadership.

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