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Hope to run unopposed in 2010 election

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Published on Tue, Jul 6, 2010 by JOURNAL STAFF

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Representative Mike Hope will continue as our State Representative.

Lake Stevens Representative, Republican Mike Hope, will be running unopposed in the next election. 
Hope’s opponent, John Boerger, dropped out of the race on June 23 due to personal reasons.  Boerger is the second opponent to drop out of the race. 

Lillian Kaufer was originally running for Hope’s seat when she withdrew and decided to run against Senator Steve Hobbs. 

Kaufer indicated it was tough to raise money against Hope.  A problem Boerger was having as well.  Boerger had only been able to raise $1,300 in the past six months.

Hope looks forward to working with Boerger on issues within the district that are of mutual concern, particularly education. 

The communities Hope represents appreciate Boerger’s willingness to cooperate and strategically work together for the benefit of the district. 

“I want to thank my opponent, John, for getting into the race for State Representative…John serves as a school board member and I look forward to working with him in this capacity.  I spoke to John this morning and agreed to listen and work with him,” Hope said on his facebook page.

The deadline to withdraw and ensure that a name be kept off the ballot has passed so Boerger’s name will appear and votes cast for him will be counted.

During the past legislative session Hope has worked across party lines with local city councils, schools and Senator Hobbs. 

He helped secure $500,000 for the intersection of 204 and Hwy 9, successfully passed tougher penalties for child abusers, and fought tirelessly against education cuts.

Boerger will still be a member of the Lake Stevens School Board and will continue to serve the Lake Stevens community through his work on that board.

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