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L.S. homeboys both to be on November ballot

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Published on Mon, Aug 23, 2010 by BY PAM STEVENS | MANAGING EDITOR

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Last week’s primary elections validated the performances of two local boys, Representative Mike Hope and Senator Steve Hobbs, as they both move forward in their campaigns to keep their seats in Olympia.

Hope is running unopposed after John Boerger, Lake Stevens School District board member, dropped out of the race before the primary elections.

When looking at voting percentages, it seems that voters are looking for a change in legislative seats next year.

“I am very pleased to see the results from Tuesday’s primary. I honestly think there is going to be a changing of the guard in Olympia. We have seen several house and senate incumbents, which have made a life out of politics, fall short of that 50 percent goal needed for the General Election in November,” Hope said. “People want to see a fiscally responsible government that lives within its means and prioritizes spending. For this reason, many of these irresponsible legislatures have found them on the brink of defeat. This is good for the people of Lake Stevens, Snohomish County and our State. I welcome the change. It will force both parties to work together to solve our state’s problems, instead of exclusion.”
Hobbs will again be facing his last election rival Dave Schmidt for District 44’s senate seat. Hobbs received just under 37 percent of the vote with Schmidt receiving 35.57 percent.

“I’m proud to have the support of the voters in the community where I grew up. This primary election has shown, despite negative attack ads from special interests, the people of Lake Stevens will vote for a Senator that represents their interests. I really owe my advance to the general election to the local community whom I’ve worked with over the past four years,” Hobbs said.

The coming two and half months will bring both candidates a hard fought race to the finish but Hobbs is looking forward to letting the people know what he has accomplished will continue to bring to the table.

“I look forward to facing Dave Schmidt in the general election. Let me be the first to welcome him back to the district after his long absence. Dave has said he wants to make the discussion over the next two and half months about my record for the past four years. I am eager to compare our records for the past four years,” Hobbs said.

“While Dave moved away, I stayed here and fought for the new Lake Stevens Senior Center and funding for the redesign of the Frontier Village intersection While Dave was claiming bankruptcy for the second time so he could escape his financial obligations, I was fighting for local small business so they could stay in business and keep workers on their payroll. While Dave chose not to pay his property taxes on his home for two years, I was fighting for seniors and over taxed families who were struggling to keep their home. While Dave was found guilty amongst his own peers in violation of two state ethics laws, I was fighting for those who work hard, don’t take short-cuts and play by the rules. And while Dave was paying himself tens of thousands of dollars out of his campaign, I was fighting for those who had to work two jobs just to keep their lights on,” he said.

Rep. Hans Dunshee, Snohomish, will be facing off with Republican Bob McCaughan. Dunshee received just under 50 percent of the votes with McCaughan receiving 33 percent. However, Republican Shahram Hadian did get over 17 percent, which may help McCaughan come November. This will be a race to watch.

This year’s general election ballots will also include several initiatives for voters including whether or not to repeal taxes on bottled water, candy and soda pop and regulating liquor sales.
Check out the box for more information on upcoming initiatives.

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