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Rowing club memorializes one of their own

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Published on Mon, Sep 13, 2010 by BY KELCEY HATCH | REPORTER

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The rain and cloudy skies didn’t stop the Lake Stevens Rowing Club from memorializing Dave Balbirona on the morning of Sunday, Sept. 12.

Balbirona lost his life in an accident with a ski boat while rowing on Lake Stevens Thursday evening August 19.
Members from The Lake Stevens Rowing Club, friends and family of Balbirona and rowers from Everett, Olympia, Lake Washington and other local areas took to the waters Sunday morning at 9 a.m.

“We’re a tight knit community in the rowing club and we’re here to memorialize and honor Dave’s memory,” Tony Scoringe, Public Information Officer for the LSRC said.

Boats took off from North Shore and converged on a single scull that was anchored at the site of the accident. The scull was adorned wth flowers and a photo of Balbirona.

Jon Brady, president of the LSRC and Father Miguel performed a small ceremony and spoke to onlookers.
“The best way to honor Dave is to be on the water, it’s what he loved doing,” Father Miguel said.

Balbirona’s wife Leanne christened a new boat that was purchased by the club and named “Dave Balbirona”.
“Thank you to everyone who has taken time out of their busy weekend to memorialize Dave,” Brady said.
A minute of silence was taken and rose petals were thrown into the lake. Then the Dave Balbirona scull led the others in a single file line around the lake.

This group of rowers ended the ceremony with a farewell “thank you and good rowing” from Brady.
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