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Local Rotarians visit Guatemala to provide health care

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Published on Mon, Sep 20, 2010 by JOURNAL STAFF

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The Rotary Club of Lake Stevens is deeply involved in an international collaboration that will help children in rural Guatemala access health care as well as providing education and resources to help their families gain new skills and improve their lives.

A project of Healing the Children Oregon and Western Washington in partnership with the Rotary Club of Lakes Stevens and the University of Washington Network of Family Medicine Residency Programs and Centro Cristiano Cultural of Guatemala.

Monterrico is on the Pacific Coast about two and a half hours southwest of Guatemala City. The community of Monterrico and surrounding villages has a population of about 22,800 people who live primarily at a subsistence level. Most are the working poor who have no sewers or toilets, no systems for water purification or sanitation, no garbage collection and no access to health care. The nearest public clinic is two hours away but the majority of the people lack transportation or the ability to pay medical fees. Therefore they simply do not access medical care for themselves or their children.

According to Barbara Knowles, chair of the clubs International Service Committee, the Monterrico Clinic and Education Center project aims to increase the overall health status of the Guatemala people who live in the surrounding area.
The clinic will offer basic health care for all ages including immunizations, a pharmacy, a laboratory, prenatal care, newborn and pediatric care, adult care, and dental care. It will also offer training to locals.

In September 2010, a team of family medicine practitioners, dentists and volunteers for the Puget Sound area spent a week at the site where the clinic will be built providing primary health care to the villagers and helping on various aspects of the clinic construction.

The September team includes Lake Stevens residents Dr. Tracy DeLorm, Kathy Little, Ann Anderst and Barbara Knowles.
For a glimpse of this community, their needs and dreams for a better future with the help of the Monterrico Community Clinic and Education Center, watch

To date, the club has secured $58,722 of the $85,000 in funding needed to complete the clinic.

To join this partnership, as donors or volunteers, clubs, individuals and groups can contact Barbara Knowles, International Services Chair, Rotary Club of Lake Stevens at 206-390-3521 or email By the internet, you can visit or By mail, the Lake Stevens Rotary Charitable Foundation, P. O. Box 908, Lake Stevens, WA 98258.

To donate, send your tax deductible contributions payable to the Lake Stevens Rotary Club Foundation, a non-profit organization, tax ID 31-1633811.

Barbara Knowles says that a donation to the Monterrico Clinic will be “Your Gift that Will Make A Difference In Their Lives and in their Futures”.

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