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Taylor appointed new Granite Falls Police Chief

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Published on Mon, Sep 27, 2010 by BY PAM STEVENS | MANAGING EDITOR

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Sgt. Dennis Taylor in his office at the Granite Falls Police Department.

Experience and energy are two key factors that new Granite Falls Police Chief Dennis Taylor brings to his recently appointed position.

Taylor is a 15-year veteran of the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office who has spent most of his career in the North Precinct, particularly the Granite Falls area.

The City of Granite Falls has signed a one-year contract with the Sheriff’s Office so that Taylor can work for the City. He started his new job on Sept. 1.

“I met with Dennis Taylor two or three times before in the presence of Lieutenant Hawkins,” Mayor Haroon Saleem said. “As I met with him, I found him a very straight shooter. He has been in this area for the last 15 years, he knows the officers and commands respects from the officers. He got overwhelming support. He has some great ideas.”

Since starting his job as the new Police Chief, Taylor felt it was important that he wear the blue uniform of the Granite Falls police instead of his Sheriff’s uniform.

“I really like this community and the area,” Taylor said. “I asked to wear the Granite Falls uniform. It’s important for the community to see me in blue, not as an outsider running their police department. I don’t consider myself an outsider.”
Taylor has felt the support of the officers he is presiding over and has known them for years while working at the Sheriff’s Department.

“I know all these guys. I’ve known Mike Tow and Pat White for 15 years and I’ve known the other guys and gals since they’ve been hired” he said. “I’m really proud to work here. These guys have a tremendous amount of talent.”
A community friendly police department is a top priority for Taylor and he has already started the process and has many more ideas to keep the community involved with the police department.

“I would like to develop a volunteer staff. I’d like to have some of our senior citizens answer phones and greet people in the mornings and having some of the high school students earning their community service hours by serving in the afternoons,” Taylor explained.

Saleem has already worked with Taylor to implement some ideas in creating a sense of community spirit.
“He (Taylor) has implemented many things at my request.” Saleem said. “Bike racks on police cars so that officers can park and ride through neighborhoods meeting with residents and patrolling neighborhoods. He is a community man and so am I. He plays by the rules, he lays out his expectations very clearly and expects everyone to follow them. He also believes in training people to do the job they are hired for.”

Taylor started training others when he was in the Marines, where he served for almost 15 years. He taught counter terrorism at Quantico and continues to teach to this day.
Currently, he teaches leadership training to officers from around the county.

“I love teaching. For me it’s to help people develop,” Taylor said. “If someone wants to be something and I can help them achieve that goal, that’s very satisfying.”

Looking toward the future of the department and the city is key in Taylor’s new position. He has a good relationship with the city council and the mayor.

“I know I’m able to be apolitical and objective,” Taylor said. “Elected officials have their job and the police chief has his. They make the rules and I enforce them. My number one priority is putting the past in the past and looking towards the future. This is a great police department with a lot of talent.”

Taylor has been married almost 18 years. He met his wife Barbara while they were both serving in the Marines at Quantico. She is a Special Investigative Detective for the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office at Dawson’s Place. He has one son and two grandchildren.

Taylor wants everyone to know that he has an open door policy and is excited to work with the officers and community in the Granite Falls Police Department.

“I am really proud to be the chief of this department,” he said. “These guys have meant a lot to me over the years. It has been an almost seamless transition for me because they already know who I am.”

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