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City adopts Snow and ice control plan

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Published on Mon, Nov 15, 2010 by JOURNAL STAFF

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The City of Lake Stevens adopted a snow and ice control plan at the November 8 City Council meeting.  A snow and ice control plan consists of the policies and intent of the City of Lake Stevens for the performance of its winter maintenance program and establish a plan for communications, operations, and procedures.

The plan establishes priority routes for the entire community based on providing main arterial routes for emergency and essential public services.  The plan helps to maintain efficiencies by allowing the field operations to stay on the pre-designated route; reducing non-emergency spot area responses. 

Because of the size of the City, this plan is critical to help ensure providing a base level of coverage over the entire City.  
As currently defined in the proposed Snow and Ice Control Route Plan, there are approximately 144 lane miles of roads identified as snow routes.  This consists of approximately 61 miles of first priority, 42 miles of second priority, and 41 miles of low priority. 

In this plan there are five identified roadway closures. There are a number of streets within the City, mostly local residential streets that are not included in the plan for snow removal. 

It is anticipated that in addition to the designated streets on the route map, there will be calls for emergency response services from the Police and Fire departments on non-priority routes that will be considered as a priority route.  
The planned operation will have three snowplows active during an event.  Sanding will occur at icey  intersections and on some of the steeper hills within the designated routes.

Plowing on non-designated routes should not be expected to occur during a major snow event.  These priority routes can be viewed on the City’s web site at listed under the Snow and Ice Control Plan.

During a snow event, City Hall may be on limited hours or be closed.  However, the snow removal staff is expected to be performing the snow removal per the pre-designated priority routes unless the severity of the weather condition prohibits operations such as high winds or an ice storm. 

Due to the high number of priority routes to be cleared and maintained, requests for services on non-designated routes should not be expected to be performed during a snow event. However if you do have a request for snow removal service, you can e-mail your request to the City at or leave a message at 425-212-3317 and it will be prioritized in the order described above.

During a major snow event, the public is encouraged to stay home.  Many of the residential streets are not identified on the snow route to be cleared by the City and may be difficult to travel.  If you must go out, be prepared. 

You should take extra warm clothes, gloves, a blanket, tire traction devices, a shovel, a flashlight, and a cell phone.  Take a list of phone numbers of tow truck services before leaving your home to be prepared in the event that you get stuck.  If you do have an accident or have an emergency, call 911. 

It is suggested that you view the City’s route map to be familiar on which routes are priorities but understand that these routes may not have been cleared yet.  Again, the best practice is if you don’t need to be out, stay home until the event is over.

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