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Lake’s own Hobbs and Hope heading back to Olympia

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Published on Mon, Nov 15, 2010
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Election Day was two weeks ago and certification doesn’t happen until next week, however, the votes are in and both Lake Stevens incumbents in the 44th District will be returning to Olympia for another term.

Rep. Mike Hope, Republican, was basically declared the winner after his opponent, John Boerger, also from Lake Stevens, dropped out of the race just before the primaries.

Hope ended up with 65 percent of the vote.
Senator Steve Hobbs, Democrat, won a tight race with his opponent, Dave Schmidt, Mill Creek, conceding last week.
Schmidt received 49.22 percent of the votes while Hobbs received 50.51 percent, just above the .5 percent needed to stop a mandatory recount.

 Hobbs felt relief and gratitude after the final ballots were counted.
“I feel great and slightly awestruck that I get to go back and representing my district for another four years,” Hobbs said. “I’m very proud that Lake Stevens really helped me out in this election. I’m seeing that a lot of people in Lake Stevens voted for me.”
The next legislative session is not going to be easy but Hobbs is looking forward to represent those who voted for him and keeping his campaign promises.

“Just like I stated in the campaign, we need to get people back to work and this economy going. We need to find ways to provide family wage jobs and we need to look for opportunities to find efficiencies in government so that we aren’t taking money out of the private sector,” Hobbs said. “We need to find ways to create jobs.”

Infrastructure and education are top priorities in the upcoming session. Continuing to keep both the Public Works Trust Fund and education funded are key to job creation and families.

“The Public Works Trust Fund which builds infrastructure, is important for the economy and provides great jobs,” Hobbs explained. “We need to ensure that it is fully funded. We also need to continue to find ways to fully fund education and be fiscally disciplined to do that. For Lake Stevens in particular, it will always be an issue to find ways to fund Highway 9 and get it improved, through Frontier Village, down to the Snohomish River and maybe even Highway 92.”

While Hobbs  is looking forward to working with everyone inside the 44th District, he is particularly proud to be serving his hometown community.

“I went to elementary school and high school here,” Hobbs said. “My kids go to public school here. I’m the guy you see at Main Street Coffee and at Steve’s Barber Shop.”

Hobbs credits his campaign staff and the determination and support of his mother, along with the voters in Lake Stevens, with his win.

“I need to thank my hard working campaign staff putting in countless hours on my behalf,” he said. “My mom was definitely worth a couple of percentage points.  The people of Lake Stevens, I want to thank them. They have come through for me so far this year and in the last election.”

Joining Hobbs and Hope will be Representative Hans Dunshee, Snohomish, who received 51.98 percent of the vote.

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