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Li’l Hungry Hearts needs help to feed local children

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Published on Mon, Nov 22, 2010 by JOURNAL STAFF

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According to a 2008 Household Food Security survey made by the United States Department of Agriculture an estimated 16.7 million children live in households that struggle to put food on their table. 

Studies show that hunger impairs children’s health, causes health-related school absences, predisposes children to behavioral difficulties and impedes children’s ability to learn and perform academically. 

Every day across America teachers and school staff see these unfortunate effects of childhood hunger.
Anita Caffee and her team have been working with students and families at Glenwood Elementary School to provide kids in need with food during school breaks and summer vacation. Li’l Hungry Hearts has extended its program to include students from Mt. Pilchuck, Hillcrest and Sunnycrest Elementary schools to ensure that “No Child is Left Hungry”.

Each of these schools is currently holding a Coin Drive to help feed kids through a Thanksgiving Meals on Wheels and a Winter Holiday Meals on Wheels program.

Any donation will help and if you don’t have a child attending one of these schools you may still donate much needed coins.
Currently, 20 children have been referred to Li’l Hungry Hearts for the holidays.
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