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Lake wrestlers beat Everett, Sedro Woolley

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Published on Tue, Dec 14, 2010 by BY SARAH RUIZ | CONTRIBUTING WRITER

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Lake Stevens High School’s wrestling team has been known to do well, but now more than just the Lake Stevens community will know. The wrestling team was just signed with MTV productions for their own television series.

Varsity wrestler, Kinsey Johnson, said, “We were all jacked when we heard there was a possibility that MTV could be doing a show on us. We all started working out to P90X trying to get ripped for the show and it was just exciting to know that our hard work was starting to show out to the world more.”

Camera crews have already been seen on campus and at wrestling matches. Thursday Dec. 9, the crew was at the wrestling matches filming. An increased number of supporters were also present at the match.

The match took place in the Lake Stevens gym underneath the many banners showing off the wrestling team’s accomplishments. With five state titles and only two district losses in  22 years, the wrestling team  has already been recognized nationally.

Coach Brent Barnes came to coach the Vikings wrestling team in his early twenties and has been coaching for over twenty seasons. His accomplishments with the team have left highly respected coaches wishing to work with him.

The talent of the team is not by any means due to luck, the team trains incredibly hard to reach their accomplishments. A rigorous routine keeps the team in shape and ready for any upcoming events.

“In the morning before school we run for about twenty minutes then we do drill moves in the wrestling room for about 15 minutes. Then we do some technique and then we do live situations and then maybe some live wrestling. After school we warm up for about 15 minutes, learn some technique, drill, live situations, live matches and then some conditioning,” said Johnson of a Viking’s typical routine. “Our routine is basically nine practices a week between morning and after school, unless a match or tournament conflicts with it and we need a little break. I train during the regular wrestling season, which is three months. Then freestyle starts up maybe a month after the school season is over and that goes basically all year round. The only time I’m really not training for wrestling is right after the school season is done and we get a couple week break at the beginning of summer.”

For the Lake Steven’s wrestlers there is more to wrestling than just fame.
While the perks of being filmed are also exciting for the wrestlers, for many there is much more than just the idea of fame that keeps them working hard. The support of the community and the pride of being a Viking is often all it takes to keep the team working hard every day.

“When you walk out on the mat, you know you have to represent where you’re from and you already have an attitude that you’re going to demolish the kid you’re wrestling because in our program, we wrestle with the most talented kids in the state,” Johnson said. “It’s just an honor to represent Lake Stevens and to have this opportunity to show what really goes on in our lives because most people have no idea what we go through on a day-to-day basis. I mean in a two and a half hour practice I can lose eight pounds; it’s the hardest workout of your life.”

Surely the wrestling team’s hard work is paying off. With so many state titles and the upcoming show, the team is off to a great start to bringing more well deserved attention to the Lake Stevens community.


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