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Why I Relay ?

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Published on Mon, Jan 10, 2011 by BY AIMEE TILLER | CONTRIBUTING WRITER

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Aimee Tiller, right, is relaying to celebrate more birthdays. 


Why do I Relay?  I have an idea, but won’t know for sure until Relay is over.  I can tell you why I am going to Relay, and who I am Relaying for.

Brock Wheaton was a member of The Seattle Cossacks Motorcycle Stunt and Drill Team. He was also a close friend of my family. 

The Cossacks are a non-profit organization that educate the public and better the image of motorcycling. This group of men travel the Northwest and beyond to help raise money for charity by performing at various events.  

Brock was part of the team for twelve years.  He had just adopted his daughter and was planning his wedding when he received the news.  He had two stem cell transplants, and fought so hard.  

The last year of his life he made sure he spent as much of it with his family as he could.  He bought a video game system so he could play with his daughter, purchased birthday gifts for each of her birthday celebrations, and planned his own funeral.  He loved hard until his last day. Brock left us on March 27, 2003.  

The day of the funeral was beautiful, sunny blue skies.  We rode our Harley, along with many others in attendance.  During the procession the skies blacked and it hailed most of the ride.   Besides the ride to Montana we had with Brock and the Cossacks that was the best motorcycle ride I have ever had, hail and all!  I could feel him; he was with us—laughing.

Our third son is named Brock.  He has big motorcycle boots to fill.  He will start his journey at Relay for Life.

Brock Wheaton, member of The Seattle Cossacks Motorcycle Stunt and Drill team.

I am going to Relay because of the way cancer has touched my life.  

 I have lost my grandmother, Brock, and sadly another friend lost her son to disease.  My parent’s friend is currently battling brain cancer.  Why wouldn’t I want to Relay?  

Please help me celebrate more birthdays.

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