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36th St NE roadway repair

Published on Wed, Sep 21, 2011 by JOURNAL STAFF

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In the north end of the City, a section of 36th Street NE which is a two lane roadway has been closed to a single lane for the past year.  This closure was the result of intense rainfall events in the spring of 2010 that caused trees to fall into Catherine Creek and divert the stream. 

The redirected stream undermined the roadway, resulting in the westbound lane being closed.  
For the past year, users of this section of 36th Street NE have had to deal with a single lane roadway while the City secured funding and permits to make the repairs. 

As of this date, the City has secured a funding loan from the State, completed a design, and coordinated with the permitting agencies.  The key issue faced by the City was securing access onto private property owned by the Federal government.  
The project will impact approximately a 10 by 15 foot section of Federal land that is a wetland.  This access process has been ongoing since June of this year and was expected to be completed no later than early July 2011. 

The City had received the temporary construction access permission in early September 2011.  
Since the project is adjacent to a fish bearing stream, there are time limitations as to when work can be performed. This type of work around a stream is typically allowed from July through the end of August.

For this project, the access easement was necessary for the final processing of the permits.  For this year, time has run out and the project will be delayed until next July when work adjacent to Catherine Creek will again be allowed.  

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