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Community comes together for roundabout artwork

Published on Wed, Sep 21, 2011 by JOURNAL STAFF

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A sculpture of the two local nesting bald eagles finishes off the Lundeen/Vernon roundabout.

Although the Lundeen and Vernon roundabout has been operational for about a year the project had not been completed until recently.  The large center island was intentionally left unfinished while the Lake Stevens Art Commission worked on a recommended art piece that represented our Lake Stevens area. 

After many months of work, they presented to the City Council a piece that reflects the two bald eagles that have nested near this site.  The eagles have been referred to as George and Martha and have been observed frequently flying over the roundabout.

The Art Commission put in many hours at the site to determine the best placement of the sculpture wanting to make sure that it would provide people traveling by with a great view from all angles. 

The City then constructed the foundation, installed the Eagles and filled the area with earth.
The landscape was then completed with help of  volunteer and former  Mayor Diana Hale. Hale put in many hours preparing the design, researching plants, purchasing materials, and directing the installation of all the landscaping work.   She was given a small budget and was able to work with the site to capture a unique feeling of a natural setting that greatly enhanced the sculpture’s present. 

When the landscape work was in the early stages local resident Kara Vietti offered a large log from her own yard’s landscaping that she thought would be a nice addition to the site.  Local developer and landowner Tim Kaintz also donated the large boulders helping to complete the landscape project.  The City has received numerous positive comments on the artwork and landscaping.

One question that comes up is that the artwork blocks the view across the roundabout but this was actually done by design as it helps with the operation of the roundabout. 

Because of the size and speed of this roundabout it is only necessary to have a clear line of sight to traffic entering to the left for a driver to safely enter the roundabout.

“This is a great addition to the City, creating a landmark for the community” said Mayor Vern Little.  “The City greatly appreciates the volunteer commitment and would like to thank Diana Hale for the many hours donated for the design and implementation of the landscaping. 

A special thank you also goes to Ms. Vietti and Mr. Kaintz for their contributions to this project.  And, thank you to the Art Commission for the selection of the Eagle artwork.”

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