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Local Boy Scout troop #41 receives awards

Published on Mon, Oct 17, 2011 by JOURNAL STAFF

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Boy Scout Troop #41, charted by Kiwanis Club of Lake Stevens, conducted a Court of Honor on Thursday, September 29.
The Court of Honor is the time to recognize all the work each Scout and the Troop has done over the past few months, including merit badges, rank advancement, and trips—like camping or hikes—all in front of the Scout’s families.
The following Troop Awards were recognized:

50 Mile Award - Kyle Antle, Roger Eastman (Scoutmaster), Hayden Ploeger, Ken Ploeger (Adult Volunteer), and Mark Currier. Summer Camp (Camp Pigott) - Kyle Antle, Hayden Ploeger, Mark Currier, Brendan Welch, Bennett Siconolfi, and Todd Welch (Adult Volunteer).

Merit Badges awarded: Bennett Siconolfi: Small boat sailing, Art, Fingerprinting, First Aid; Hayden Ploeger: Art, First Aid, Fingerprinting, Emergency Preparedness, Wood Carving, Wilderness Survival; Kyle Antle: Climbing, Fingerprinting; Mark Currier: Climbing, Canoeing, Fingerprinting, Archery; Brendan Welch: Fingerprinting, Art, Space Exploration; Kennan Sykes: Citizenship of the Community. Rank Advancements: Scout - Hunter Thompson; Tenderfoot - Brendan Welch; First Class - Hayden Ploeger, Arnesto Johnson; Star - Kennan Sykes.

Troop 41 meets the first, third, and fourth Thursday from 7 p.m to 8 p.m. at the Grange in Lake Stevens. For information visit
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